2018 1960s Films – review

Helen Baker from the History Society arranged a very enjoyable film night on Monday 20th August, entitled “Summer with Cyril Pittam”.
The films were recorded by Cyril Pittam and showed events in Long Buckby dating back to the 1960s.  Around sixty people attended and it was a very enjoyable night!

Apparently Cyril Pittam was rarely seen without his camera and there was footage from the late 50s to mid 80s showing summer fetes, school sports days and Buckby carnivals. Throughout the evening there were murmurs of ’Oh look, there’s so and so’ and delight at seeing family members and friends! It also showed how things have changed over the years and how formal and ordered folk appeared to be, especially in the earlier clips. And, not a mobile phone to be seen! What a great legacy to leave to the village!

Many thanks to Helen Baker from the History Society for arranging the film night.